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The sound is rounder and less echo-y and some feel these ones are warmer, more natural and mellow sounding than other wind chimes. We can dream, right? Ideally, you'd choose one with six or eight chimes, since those are auspicious numbers. This fish-shaped wind chime is made from porcelain and clay to appear aged, but is still finished with a brilliant glaze to add a colorful, decorative element to your home. In Japanese culture, Koi fish represent loyalty, friendship and love, making this wind chime a thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one especially if they place it in the Southwest, or Love and Marriage area, of the home or garden.

Plus, it creates deep, soothing tones in the wind, a different kind of sound than the one you get from metal chimes. Choose this if you want a wind chime for your home that looks unique but still has traditional elements. If you live shoreside — or just wish you did — a wind chime that evokes the look and sound of the sea is a natural choice. The many hanging pieces touch each other in the breeze to create a soothing sound like palm branches rustling or waves against the shore. Watching the interplay of water-inspired colors can be a relaxing activity while meditating or simply sitting outside with your partner to watch the sunset.

Largest Selection of Wind Chimes in Ohio: Logan Hocking Hills

For many people, few things soothe the spirit like the sound of church bells drifting in the breeze. This chime is just about as close as you can get to that feeling.

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If you or someone you know has recently lost a loved one, place a wind chime on your porch or in a favorite spot in the backyard in their honor. Today we will be making your own Wind Chime to hang.

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It can be hung anywhere that comes into contact with the air. That could be on a porch, backyard, front garden, balcony, window, you name it! But before we start, let us talk a little about wind with some facts. Enjoy harnessing the power of wind with your colourful creations!

Relaxing Wind Chime Sounds

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Wind Chime Tree

We cannot see the wind itself, but we can see objects being moved by the wind, like branches on a tree. Wind occurs when air moves from a place of high pressure to a place of low pressure. Hot air rises and cold air sinks. Wind can be both hot or cold. There are different words to describe how fast or slow the wind is blowing.

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Wind is energy and can be harnessed to create electricity. Wind turbines are one way of making energy from it. The movement of air moves the propellers and this movement creates energy which creates electricity. Windmills have been used since BC! They were first created in China and Persia now Iran.

Boats with sails use the wind to steer their ships to help propel them forward. In the past, ships with only sails would get stuck there for weeks at a time. In Greek mythology there were the Anemoi, four gods of the wind. Wind reports always tell you where the wind is coming from and not going too.


Wind Chime (Totemic)

He was the first to create a wind scale to measure wind force at sea, created in Instructions: First your child needs to decorate their paper plates or card and allow to dry. We used paint but any other decorating material can be used.

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When dry, draw a large spiral on them, starting in the middle. It will look a little like a curled up snake.