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Francesca Pellegrino is a coordinator of the literary magazine LibrAria www.

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She is a freelance print and radio journalist and an aspiring novelist. Her research and publication interests include Modernism, narrative theory, postcolonial theory, reception aesthetics, translation and translation theory, inter-arts poetics, diaspora and immigrant literatures. She is a Fulbright-Hays scholar and the recipient of other awards for academic research and teaching.

Her poetry may be found online at Fieralingue: Poet's Corner. She met Melanie Taylor at a reading while living in Panama and has been working with her short writings for over four years. In most of his works, he focuses upon the everyday lives of the poor, the downtrodden, those living on the fringes, outcasts and pariahs. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

The Poetic Anthology - By Erik Herrera A collection of inspirational, motivational, reflective, and empowering poems that move you emotionally. Looking Deep.

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His other works are characterized by more metaphysical elements; some could even be placed within the genre of science-fiction. He wrote short stories and novellas, primarily, which were actively sought by magazines and newspapers for publication. Skip to content Francis Sanchez, 6 April — A group of people who loved him, met this April 5 to remember the poet Pedro Alberto Assed, who recently died.

My eyes are cold and my hands are icy. I'm thinking, I"m thinking. In general: I don't think these idiots are intelligent enough to have thought "situationist" or "Duchampian. Jordan Herrera - Hubert, NC.


Most surprises lately have been horrifying the markets, Palin. This one's a hoot. Many or most of the writers in this anthology have never composed a better poem. Ironic that the only thing preventing so many poets from becoming good poets has been their own creative impulses. Ironically, I didn't know about google alerts before reading about all this.

And it's certainly not very often that a bunch of people like everyone above would have been drawn into discusion about a common topic. I'm interested to what extent the poems attributed to people drew upon certain keywords- mine contained 'kingdom' which is a word that appears in many of my bios online, though it could be a fluke. I'm really not worried about it- it highlights in an amusing way just how obsessed with their own name many poets are though no more so than, say, politicians.

And besides, as google tells me there's a famous Sam Byfield who plays football in England, and it might have been him who wrote the poem. Great project Who knows what poetry that might liberate More fake read "clever" art!

This is the wildest thing I have ever seen. As a struggling artist it would be nice to be able to decide where your work is posted but the wildest thing about this odd little PDF is that my name is attached to a poem I didn't write. A very nice poem but not one I wrote.

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I just wanted to say, I love it. Via someone else's genius I have attained what I have always wanted - my name absorbed into the impersonality of word as function, reduced to letters as the intimate strands of poetic imagery must themselves be. What author doesn't write to fuse with the form? And yet so many here have bristled at the stealing of 'their' name. I'm included which was a surprise for a poem I didn't write more surprising. Kinda liked the poem, though. Kinda, though it's definitely not my style.

Perhaps you're afraid they have the where-withal to shut you down? Go pick on poets your own size. Please don't do this again. When i first read about this project i didn't even check whether i was in it. Since googling myself and finding out i am in it I'm sort of flattered.

Bring Out The Gold - The Sun (Official Destiny Poetry) [Golden Age Anthology Part 4]

I didn't write the poem that's attributed to me, but I'm sort of tempted to post it to my blog - look what someone else wrote for me? Its all very weird, amusing and fascinating.

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I hope we can settle this out of court. Perhaps over lunch. Or through my agent. Over lunch.

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Or via lunch? What do you eat?

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Do you eat over agent? Anyway, thanks to all of you for your contributions. Especially me. And me.

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And to Tao: it's either a dunning letter or some food. Your choice. Hey, wait a minute. I just tried to dowload the collection I wrote, and it appears that due to the heat of a few individuals mistaking their work for mine and threatening suit, I didn't get the chance to read what I'd just written and published. Damn thing was taken down. Countersuit: Will anyone join me in suing said individuals for the digital rights to my own name? I know I put it there right at the top, under "author. They took it from me. I would simply like what is rightfully mine.

I can't go around like this. Nobody knows what to shout now when they pass by. I was in a faculty meeting this morning and voted on a proposal for softer lounge chairs, had to file my ballot under "John Doe. Now what? And whoever that David Buuck guy is supposing that's his real name , I could not have said it better: a para-anthology. There is something para-talmudic about its framentary hyperstructure.

I think that's neat. That's why I'm editing it. And, to politely disagree with Angela G. Perhaps you dislike my poems, but then why desire credit for them don't forget - Debord made some bad movies, and his precursor, Hugo Ball, culdn't even spell? And if one decrees credit, or ownership, then why help me construct Issue 2, the Para-Anthology? Oh, and he stole the notion of fantasy transgression from FN - "imaginary revenge. Kent Johnson. Well, this is probably the first and only time I'll ever find myself mentioned on the Poetry Foundation website! Beyond that, I am left to believe a computer a writer does not make.

An algorithm does not an identity displace. I won't laud the 'editors' of this thick binary invention, but I won't attempt to boil their flesh, either. I like the idea, but the execution? I have enough ego to say nay. They are clearly bigger fans of Burroughs than I. It's a little late for this, but: the piece to which my name is assigned appears on page and I would like to know if that page was chosen by a human, by the program used for the word objects, or if it was just a random event. Thank you. Well gee, your using my name attached to nothing or I can't find it Okay I have spent my whole life as such, So here's my poem to make, make even less sense.

Didn't piss me off in the least. It's flattering, if anything. It's a piece of conceptual art, and ahead of the curve, given the recent Googlebooks wholesale rip-off. The sheer volume of poets included also makes a point in a field where the unique individual voice is supposed to be primary. If you think of it the right way, it's the opposite of theft: we're being given a free poem whether we like it or not, granted.