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Login already registered, log in Registration new hier: sign up Forgot password reset rassword Keep me informed free monthly newsletter Coloring of black and white photos Pedigree PDF Wizard create a classy pedigree Subscriptions check out the possibilities. She was baptized in Byzantine, Medieval States. She died on February 20, in Constantinople, Byzantine Empire, she was 20 years old. Visualize another relationship Matches in other publications View all matches This person also appears in the publication: Mort Family Tree maximum test Ancestors and descendant of Theodora Komnene.

Ioannes Komnenos Andronikos Doukas Alexios Komnenos Theodora Komnene This functionality is only available in Javascript supporting browsers. Click on the names for more info. Check the information Open Archives has about Komnene. Check the Wie onder zoekt wie? Go to person. Type the first letters of the first or last name at least 3 letters in the input field.

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Anthony kindly lent me his finished dissertation, at my request, so that I could see what a well-written dissertation that had the makings of a book would look like. I was amazed, but not at all encouraged — his prose was clear and lovely. And who writes clear and lovely prose in a dissertation?!

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Crusader Kings II - The Alexiad #1 - The Komnenian Restoration Begins

We welcome suggestions for corrections to any of our posts. As the official blog of the Society of US Intellectual History, we hope to foster a diverse community of scholars and readers who engage with one another in discussions of US intellectual history, broadly understood. It has been possible only because italics added , since the end of the eighteenth century, love has increasingly filled the vacuum left by the retreat of Christianity.

The Davies book looks interesting. The Becker book is one of my favorites.

The Alexiad of Anna Comnena Lesson Plans for Teachers

Let me assure you that these are very different versions! Rumor has it that Chaney is looking for all extant versions of the dissertation for the purpose of shredding them. Currently reading: Good Booty, Ann Powers. Learning to Die in the Anthropocene, Roy Scranton. The Patterning Instinct, Jeremy Lent. Anthony, your book arrived today. Some brief thoughts on Montaigne here. He might have made a good Pragmatist if he had been born years later.

Instead, he helped to make them. One might posit a crude attitudinal spectrum running from, say, an Augustinian emphasis on renunciation of merely physical pleasure to the celebration of sex and eros of all varieties in modern and contemporary culture, be it high literary fiction, movies, or pop music. Intellectual History Blog. Burnett September 23, 7.

Introduction - The Alexiad of Anna Komnene

Here are my picks and pics for the month of September. Books I read : Donald R.

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Frame While reading Becker, who takes you back, I decided I wanted to go back a little farther even. Up next whenever it gets here! Mark, thanks for the comment. Congratulations, my friend. Related Posts Eran Zelnik January 20, Sara Georgini April 26, Robin Marie February 1,