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These stories illuminate the lesser-known narrative of gay persecution during the Holocaust and reveal the intimate everyday interactions that helped people survive thanks to the generosity of strangers.

And the Band Played On : Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic

The interviews, she says, highlight the full humanity of a marginalized community, who acted nobly under the worst possible circumstances. Watch the videos , learn more and sign up for librarian trials.

Private and Shameful Vices – the debate continues | The French Revolution Network

Be sure to also see Ebook Central and Historical Newspapers for more insights. Learn More. The Visual History Archive allows students to better understand those who experienced the German occupation of France in the s. Toggle navigation.

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Video testimonies illuminate a lesser known narrative of persecution. Limited resources impede awareness and understanding. Why is there so little information available on this topic? As a result, some of dwindling population of gay survivors still living were empowered to share their experiences. By , fewer than 10 of these men were known to be alive.

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Hearing from survivors in their own words. Shedding light on a subject difficult to imagine.

LGBT rights in France

These stories illuminate the lesser known narrative of gay persecution during the Holocaust and reveal the intimate everyday interactions that helped people survive thanks to the generosity of strangers. ProQuest is honored to be in partnership with USC Visual History Archive to offer a streaming version of the video testimonies in entirety. Watch the videos, learn more and sign up for librarian trials. The club was hosted monthly by a trio of Parisian actresses in a private candlelit mansion, with wine flowing in abundance.

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The women enjoyed sumptuous dinners from dusk until dawn before spending the night together, and men were always excluded. During this era, a whole network of underground LGBT venues emerged.

LGBT Kings & Queen of Europe

Gay nightlife and drag balls flourished during the Jazz Age of the s. Famously, Irish playwright and author Oscar Wilde spent his last years in Paris too, having fled Britain in after being released from prison. He had been incarcerated for two years on charges of sodomy with his doomed love affair with Lord Alfred Douglas.

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It saw a series of student protests against capitalism and consumerism, with many buildings being occupied in Paris. The success of this group coincides with the fact that by the s, all police files on gay and lesbian crimes were destroyed, and certain laws against LGBT conduct and people were repealed.