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Familiar themes of anxiety, psychological disorder, death, depression and social politics are all present and armed by the fragile masculinity in Sean Bonnette's vocals but there's a musical distinction missing that elevated past work to such peerless heights.

Andrew Jackson Jihad

Lyrically, this is as sharp and infectious as anything they've written, articulating an incredible sense of emotive first person storytelling that many other songwriters could simply never achieve. Production being the only criticism, it's easy to accept this as another step in their growth towards a larger fan base and simply enjoy the music on its own merits given the quality of Bonnette's mentalist lyricism.

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Opener 'Temple Grandin' is a seismic punch of social commentary wrapped up in a straightforward punk melody. Grandin' pops up again later towards the end of the record on 'Temple Grandin Too', laying a thematic cohesion to the album's many peculiar topics of commentary. The highlights however lay with the sordid self deprecation and twisted imagination found in Bonnette's first person writing.

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  8. Christmas Island is undoubtedly the slowest burner in AJJ's catalogue, seemingly lacking the fervent energy and raw musical creativity of the past. November 23, 0. Read more. Nightingales: No Love Lost — Vinyl reissue reviewed.

    Christmas Island

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    Indie pop singer-songwriter Alec Shaw brings gospel flavoring to a new live rendition of "Fools Gold", a song about observing the grey areas in religion. Director Ben Berman set out to make a documentary about a magician.

    Andrew Jackson Jihad: Christmas Island – album review

    The Amazing Jonathan Documentary became a meta-documentary that raises ethical questions about documentaries. Chavis Woods' Times A Memoir of Sexism is the ideal tool for inciting the collective rage needed to subvert gender-based harassment and violence.


    Does this have larger, real-world implications? A cancelled tour carved out a whole bunch of time for electronic duo Sofi Tukker to make their new EP Dancing on the People. Here's why a broken foot might have been a blessing in disguise. How death, legal battles, and scavengers couldn't stop the legacy of Gang Starr, one of the most important pillars of hip-hop. All rights reserved.

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    Popmatters is wholly independently owned and operated. Powered by RebelMouse. On Christmas Island , the band's version of buzzing, barbed folk-pop gets a slight bit more polish, and in turn the dose becomes more potent, though its effect is uneven. Andrew Jackson Jihad. Abjection Incorporated: Mediating the Politics of Pleasure and Violence By the Book Escaping abjection's usual confines of psychoanalysis and aesthetic modernism, the contributors to Abjection Incorporated examine a range of media, including literature, photography, film, television, talking dolls, comics, and manga.

    Enjoy Yourself: An Interview with Todd Snider Todd Snider's album, East Nashville Skyline , is getting a new lease on life with a new vinyl edition, but the veteran troubadour remains creatively restless and committed to his musical future.

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    Old Kings Yelling at Clouds: Art vs. Commerce in the Battle for Box-Office Relevance Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, and other members of the old guard might be battling with the MCU about the quality of superhero movies, but the business of how we consume film is changing, like it or not.